whiskey breast milk cocktail video

July 29, 2010

“Well I know where I wanna start!” Johnny growled as he started suckling
on his milfs breast, Tyler also went for a tit, they soon had Christy
lactating, and the boys gleefully drank her breast milk for several


Finally Christy nudged them away, and looked depressed seeing Johnny’s
and Tyler’s cocks, “God I wish you two were doing me on the set, but I have
to get going, breakfast is ready.” Christy said glumly.
Both Johnny and Tyler looked disappointed at not having a morning fuck
with Christy, but both of them rushed downstairs with adolescent hunger.
They wolfed down their food, 317x196

What would you rather, a shot of Jack Daniels or a shot of breast milk? I’m not much of a drinker, I act all silly and goofy whenI get hammered, you wouldn’t want to see me drunk, you might want to fuck me because I get really wild in bed when I drink. I had no guys around so I took the shot of milk!

Christy had already left. “Fuck I’m still
hard, your mom is such a phenomenal cocksucker.” Tyler said as he finished.


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“Same here stud, we’ll just have to take care of each other.” Johnny
said with a grin.

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